Guangzhou Textile Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Textile Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou, which is mainly engaged in the design and development of textiles and garments, production testing, and modern trade. The Group adheres to the development strategy of combining production, teaching and research, and combining science, industry and trade, and ranks among the top 500 service companies in China and the top 100 service companies in Guangdong Province. The Group's TIT brand was awarded the title of Guangdong's Outstanding Independent Brand, and the TIT Creative Park was identified as one of the top ten textile and apparel creative design pilot parks in the country.

In recent years, the Textile Industry and Trade Group has vigorously promoted independent innovation, strived to create a mid-to-high-end industrial chain in the textile service industry with design and research as its core, and strengthened textile and apparel research institutions and international brand R & D centers. The Group attaches great importance to scientific research and technological innovation. As a state-level high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Guangfang Testing & Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. has a number of authorized patents and scientific research achievements, and has successfully listed on the New Third Board. Focusing on the “Belt and Road” initiative, the Group has comprehensively strengthened its cooperation with internationally renowned companies and established a Coats Line Company, a joint venture with the British Coats Group. It is now the designated supplier for the international aerospace industry. The Group ’s wholly-owned Guangzhou University Textile and Garment Institute and ESMOD Paris co-founded ESMOD Guangzhou-French High School of Fashion Design to work hard to train high-quality clothing design talents for China and lead the Group to move towards high-end textile and apparel products.

The Textile Industry and Trade Group has more than a dozen import and export professional companies, a foreign trade business marketing and management team that is familiar with foreign trade operations, and is full of vigor and vitality. The textile and apparel import and export volume ranks among the top in the country. There are overseas companies in the United States, Russia, Hong Kong and other places, and the sales network is spread all over the world. Relying on the advantages of design, research and development, and testing of the Group, we will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, and continue to steadily develop the self-export business of textiles and garments. , Pharmaceutical, household products co-exist in a diversified business structure. The group owns more than 50 international and domestic famous brands such as TIT, GOGO, LIVEN, Jennifer, Theresa, GC, Begol, Deer, Qiu Chan, Niutou and Wuyang. Li Gongmin was awarded the title of "Chinese Time-honored Brand" by the Ministry of Commerce. The core competitiveness of the Group's various products has been continuously improved.

After decades of development, the Textile Industry and Trade Group has nearly one million square meters of land and property in the central area of Guangzhou, which has become the most core resource to ensure the sustainable and high-quality development of the group. In the past ten years, the Group has made full use of the "three old" transformation policy to build a TIT creative park. Successfully introduced a large number of international brands such as Tencent (WeChat) headquarters, 氪 Space, MO & CO, Shude Technology, etc. into the park, becoming one of the earliest creative industrial parks developed and operated in China. At the same time, the Group increased the entire series of business development and construction of the TIT brand, and successively built TIT Runzheng Plaza, TIT Times Plaza, and TIT International E-commerce Industrial Park. Through the operation of urban asset projects, it not only brings sustainable and stable profits to the group, but also has formed a new business format and new momentum for transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. At the same time, a large number of projects such as TIT Science and Trade Park, TIT Industrial Park, TIT Smart Park, TIT Cultural and Creative Park are also under preparation and construction. Among them, the TIT Science and Trade Park jointly developed by the Group is estimated to have a total investment of 10 billion yuan, which will build a landmark urban commerce and trade complex of nearly one million square meters in Guangzhou. Big ideas drive big projects, and big projects drive big development. The completion of these projects will definitely provide strong support for the innovative development of the Textile Industry and Trade Group.

New era, new starting point, new journey. The Textile Industry and Trade Group will uphold the innovative spirit of taking action and striving hard, riding on the mighty east wind of the new era, passion, and courage to advance, fully promote the two-wheel drive development strategy of modern trade and urban asset operations, and strive to create transformation and upgrade high-quality development New situation, the textile industry and trade group into a first-class modern textile and apparel enterprise group with international competitiveness.
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