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Guangzhou Textile Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern enterprise group integrating production, learning and research, combining science, industry and trade. It has an excellent talent team and has always adhered to the "people-oriented" human resource management concept. Insist on attracting talents with good treatment, retain talents with sincere feelings, and inspire talents with grand cause.
In order to promote the rapid development of various businesses, the following positions are being recruited in accordance with the principles of "openness, fairness, impartiality, competition, and merit". Qualified people with lofty ideals are welcome to apply and apply.
It is the goshawk that gives you blue sky, the dragon that gives you blue water, and the talents that make you worry-free!

Announcement on the public selection and appointment of some management positions in 2019

According to the needs of business development, the following management positions of the Textile Industry and Trade Group are openly selected for the society. The relevant matters are now notified as follows:

I. Deputy General Manager of Li Gongmin Marketing <br> Job responsibilities:
1. Participate in the company's major business decisions and be responsible for formulating and implementing marketing strategic plans and annual marketing goals.
2. Organize and implement online and offline marketing plans, marketing strategies, product pricing strategies, and sales channel strategies.
3. Responsible for organizing market survey, analysis and forecasting work, determining promotion plans based on market dynamics, organizing promotion activities, evaluating promotion effects, and rationally controlling cost of sales.
4. Fully responsible for brand management, sales progress, customer management and after-sales service.
5. Responsible for the construction and management of online and offline marketing teams, and the performance evaluation of sales staff.
6. Responsible for payment management, guarantee the return of funds, and ensure the achievement of sales goals.
1. Integrity and observance of law, good character, good work style, truth-seeking and pragmatic, diligence and diligence, a high degree of professionalism and responsibility, and a good record of performance.
2. Have a keen sense of market smell and pioneering and innovative consciousness, as well as front-line marketing work experience and team management experience, familiar with clothing brand operations, sales channel construction and maintenance, and e-commerce platform operations.
3. Possess good organizational leadership ability, as well as innovative thinking, comprehensive analysis, communication and coordination, and plan execution capabilities.
4. Bachelor degree or above, Bachelor degree or above in economics or business management.
5. Engage in marketing or marketing planning, management and other related work for at least 8 years, and have worked in the middle management of the enterprise for 4 years or more.

2. (Lei Gongmin) E-commerce team leader <br> Job responsibilities:
1. Based on the overall sales strategy of the brand, plan the online mall promotion and promotion activities plan to complete the sales target;
2.Manage the brand operation, merchandise, promotion, customer service team, and conduct guidance, review, supervision and implementation;
3. Regularly track, evaluate and analyze the promotion results, and do a good job of professional marketing data reports produced by various promotion platforms;
4. Responsible for communication, coordination and handling of related matters with e-commerce platform partners, familiar with the operation of e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Taobao;
5. Do a good job of collecting and analyzing data from competitors' websites, and provide corresponding evaluation reports.
1. College degree or above, computer, e-commerce, marketing and other related majors, at least 5 years of practical experience in online marketing;
2. Agile thinking, innovative thinking, and unique understanding of fashion and Internet trends;
3. Proficient in internet marketing, familiar with the way of internet marketing promotion;
4. Familiar with the promotion and management of online communities, familiarity with website data monitoring and tracking, familiarity with bidding rankings, search engine optimization and other methods;
5. Familiar with the operation mode and process of B2C, have a clear understanding of the development of e-commerce, have a sense of innovation and strong management ability;
6, keen business sense, excellent data analysis ability, strong sense of market innovation;
7, good communication skills, organization and coordination skills; have a good team spirit and a high sense of work responsibility.

3. Strategic Management Manager <br>
1. Responsible for organizing the group's strategic planning and participating in the formulation of the group's strategic planning;
2. Promote and follow up the subordinate enterprises and headquarters functional departments to formulate their own strategic plans, undertaking plans and other matters according to the group strategy guidelines and directions;
3. Responsible for the overall strategic closed-loop management of the group, including strategic planning, strategic decoding, strategic execution, strategic review and inspection, and strategic adjustment;
4. Responsible for the strategic analysis work required by the group's business development strategy (including macroeconomic analysis, industry market analysis, analysis of the group's business itself, etc.)
5. Assist the Group's business operation and management.
1. Full-time enrollment of undergraduates and above;
2. Majors in strategic management and business management;
3. Master the strategic management system of the enterprise and have certain strategic management experience in group companies;
4. Have good writing skills and be familiar with common modules of office software such as office;
5, have the ability to think systematically, work carefully and steadily;
6. Work experience in management consulting agencies is preferred.

Four, infrastructure engineering management posts <br> Job responsibilities:
1. Complete the preparation of the infrastructure project planning plan, the project proposal, the feasibility study report, the preparation and review of the preliminary design and budget estimates;
2. On-site construction management of engineering projects, frequent inspections of the construction site to understand the situation, and timely treatment and reporting of problems found;
3. Irregular inspections of the quality, safety, progress and civilized construction of all projects under construction;
4. Do a good job of controlling construction progress, do a good job of regulating and coordinating relevant units, and ensure delivery and use on schedule;
5. Organize inspection and acceptance and completion filing;
6. Responsible for sorting and archiving of engineering technology, materials, drawings, photos, and approvals.
1. Have relevant professional knowledge of engineering infrastructure and more than three years of project management work experience;
2. University degree or above, familiar with engineering budget management;
3. Hard work and hard work, responsible and responsible

V. Secretary of the Party Committee
1. Mainly responsible for meeting organization and supervision of various meetings convened by the party committee, responsible for the minutes of the party committee meeting, drafting the minutes of the group party committee meeting and other related documents. Supervision and implementation of daily affairs arranged by the department;
2. Have strong ability of document writing, ability to coordinate and summarize materials, communication and coordination ability, proficient in applying various office software;
3. Full-time bachelor degree or above, majoring in Chinese or management;
4. Member of the Communist Party of China, with 1-2 years of working experience. Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered.

六 、 Legal Manager <br> Position Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for reviewing various contracts and legal documents of the group headquarters, and issuing relevant legal review opinions or legal opinions;
2. Responsible for all kinds of litigation and arbitration matters of the group headquarters;
3. Carry out legal publicity and training;
4. Assist to guide and supervise relevant functional departments, business units and enterprises of the group to carry out comprehensive risk management work;
5. Formulate rules and regulations on internal control to guide the internal control of headquarters and its subsidiaries.
job requirements:
1. Full-time university degree or above, need to pass judicial examination and have legal professional qualification certificate;
2. At least 5 years of legal work experience in large-scale enterprise groups, and more than 3 years of management work experience in large-scale state-owned enterprise legal departments;
3. Has strong written ability, can independently act as agent in litigation cases, and is familiar with various case handling strategies.

Interested parties please send an email to:, please specify "applicant position + name" in the subject and resume of the email.
(Contact: Miss Zhao, phone 83348898-1316)
Human Resources Department of Guangzhou Textile Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
July 5, 2019

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