TIT International Textile Science and Trade Park

The old factory turned into a fashionable creative dream factory
Guangzhou TIT International Fashion Creative Park

Guangzhou TIT International Garment Creative Park, formerly known as Guangzhou Textile Machinery Factory, was established in 1952. In July 2007, according to the requirements of the municipal government for "retreating from two to three", the textile machine factory officially ceased production.

After 18 months of repairs like the old ones, and new and old handy renovations, this oil-stained, roaring machine factory has realized the beautiful transformation from the production of textile machinery to the output of fashion ideas, from the old textile factory to the fashion creative park. . What's even more gratifying is that the annual production scale of this company from the production stoppage was only more than 10 million, and now it has created annual income of 100 million yuan, achieving high growth profits every year; the enterprises entering the park drive the entire industry's revenue to 15 billion yuan. And the results are encouraging.

Guangzhou TIT International Garment Creative Park has the theme of clothing, fashion, creativity, culture, and art; the goal is to attract famous designers, supermodels, famous enterprises, and famous brands from the fashion industry at home and abroad to enter the park; the old factory with a history of traditional textile industry Focus on creating a high-end service business card for South China's modern textile and apparel industry with a distinctive theme and unique taste. This will become a nationally renowned center area that gathers high-end elements of clothing creativity and leads cultural and fashion.

On August 14, 2011, Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission inspected the Guangzhou TIT International Garment Creative Park. General Secretary Hu highly affirmed the achievements of the creative park and instructed us to plan, construct and operate the creative park; continuously improve the service level of the park, and provide a good entrepreneurial development platform for creative enterprises and talents; Building into the vanguard of creative industries. At the same time, we hope that we will give full play to our intellectual advantages, strive to build a Chinese clothing brand with international competitiveness, and promote China's progress from a major apparel manufacturing country to a major apparel manufacturing country.

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